Muted tones are definitely having a big moment in this bachelorette, where timeless elegance was emphasized over trendy.

Minimalist in color palette, the design is kept simple and less intrusive to the occupant eye to allow the art, plant, furniture and surrounding scenery to take center stage. The carefully selected finishes, such as solid oak and powder coated metal, add depth and character to the space while promoting a timeless sense of luxury. The entire setup aims to exudes subtle and serene lifestyle, and designed to melt away all stresses of a hectic city life.

Similar to the living hall, a restful aura falls upon the master bedroom. Awash in a monochromatic colour scheme punctuated by dark wood accents, allowing occupant to slow down and retreat within.

  • Works

    Carpentry, Ceiling, Flooring, Plumbing, Wiring

  • Style

    Classic, Contemporary, Modern

  • 1,045 sqft.

  • Renovation Costs

    RM 35000

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